Below is our warranty policy.  Included are: items covered under warranty, capacity expected after usage of 12 months and 18 months, and what would be considered a manufacture defect. 
What is covered under warranty?
BatteryJack has the industry's best warranty.  All our our two way batteries have an 18 month warranty, regardless of chemistry.  We assure our products will achieve maximum performance and reliability based upon universal battery testing procedures.  These tests are the same done by all the leading cell manufacturers. 

Charge Rate C/10   Discharge Rate C/5
To determine the age of each pack, every battery has a significant manufacturing date code.
 The date code is used for internal purposes, stock rotation and confirmation of your warranty claim. 
The following criteria would be covered under warranty:
- Capacity (80% of rated capacity for 12 months, 70% of rated capacity for 18 months)
- Manufacturer defects in workmanship
The following criteria would not be covered under warranty:
- Spent batteries (Spent batteries are batteries that have served their purpose. Batteries are a consumable product and have a limited life span)
- Abused goods (evidence of physical abuse or intent to deliberately damage product)
How do I tell if my battery is still under warranty?
BatteryJack uses a coded date code to determine your warranty.  The coded date code is found on the bottom right of the label, above the recycle sign.  The 2 letters represent the year and month of purchase for your battery.
Example based on image:
YJ12 - "Y"    Represent year (2009)     Z = 2010    A = 2011
          "J"    Represents month (October)    A = Jan, B = Feb, C = Mar,  etc.....
          12 -  Internal Cell Date code
New January 2010 date code:  ZA (Z= year 2010, A= month January)
New January 2011 Date code : AA (A= year 2011  A= month January)
For a complete list of date codes you can visit our dealer website at:  http://www.batteryjackdealer.com/datecode.pdf
Or you can always call us toll free at 888-30-POWER
Check against our competition, and you'll see why we're the best! 

Can I Engrave my batteries?

If a battery is engraved or shows any signs of permanent/deliberate markings, this will void your warranty.   This permanent marking (i.e. engraving, branding, tagging with a marker) can easily be substituted at time of your order by the BatteryJack staff.  On your custom labeling, we can print an alternative date code for your stocking arrangements, or additional date code labels can be provided.   On all of our battery labels, the 2 letter date code above the recycling sign represents the date code for warranty purposes.   This is the date of purchase and is the sole determination of your warranty. 

 Excessive heat or vibration used while branding or engraving the battery can be the source of battery faults.  BatteryJack will warranty batteries based upon manufacturing specs and the condition of when they left our facility. 


We would like to say thank you for your business!  If you have any battery problems or questions, do not hesitate to contact our knowledgeable staff.   We are here to solve any of your battery problems! 

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