BatteryJack’s PowerStar PS12-230               Minooka, IL  August 5, 2009 4:30PM

BatteryJack’s sealed lead division, PowerStar, has developed an extreme performance, high drain deep cycle battery used in many Back-up power and solar applications.   The unique lead-calcium alloy plates inside ensures the greatest performance and longest life of any comparable battery in the industry.  The sealed, maintenance free technology keeps you from having to monitor water and acid levels, while allowing you to mount the battery in any position.  The 12V 230AH battery measures at : L- 20.55in, W- 9.45in, H-8.58in and weighs 141lbs.    

The PS12-230 is a green energy alternative to the hazardous wet-cell batteries.   Backed by a two year warranty, with the PS12-230 you will never have to sacrifice power, price or reliability.  Visit for more details or call 888-30-POWER.