Sealed Lead Acid

BatteryJack is the Exclusive distributors of PowerStar brand Sealed Lead Acid Batteries

PowerStar Batteries use the latest in sealed lead technology

Industry leading 2 year warranty. Starts from date of purchase


PowerStar FAQ

10 Facts about PowerStar AGM Batteries


6V, 1.2 AH

6V, 5 AH

6V,5 AH,Lantern

6V, 7.5 AH

6V, 7.2 AH

6V 10AH

 6V, 12AH

8V, 3.2AH


12V, 1.3AH

12V, 2.3AH

12V, 3.5AH

12V, 5AH

12V, 5AH Recesseed

12V, 9AH

12V, 10AH (Slim)

12V, 15AH

12V, 22AH

12V, 25AH

12V, 35AH

12V, 45AH

12V 55AH

12V 70AH

12V 80AH

12V, 100AH

12V, 200AH