Lone Alert Mandown Kenwood HT1000, GP900 Speaker Mic by Titan

Designed to provide a lone worker with a “guardian angel” should they fall, suffer a medical mishap or be attacked; our Lone Alert accessories help provide a safer and more secure working environment.

A microcontroller constantly monitors the position of the user. Should the Lone Alert device stay in a position of greater than 60 off upright for longer than 15 seconds, a low-level warning will sound a further 10 seconds. If, not held upright, Lone Alert will then cause the radio to send a warbling Alarm Tone over the radio channel or trunked talkgroup every 2 minutes

IP54 Weathproof design, 3.5mm earpiece socket, tough metal clip, low current consumption


Fits the Following Radios:

Replacement Earpiece for the Following: MOTOROLA XTS3000,Astro,XTS3500,XTS2500,XTS5000,HT1000 MT2000,MTS3000,MTX8000,MTX838,MTX9000,MTX-LS,JT1000,GP900 Speaker Mic Replaces BDN6664,BDN6719,BDN6780,BDN6781