Motorola NTN7397IS, 7.5V, 1500mAH, Ni-CD Battery

SKU 7397

Titan Brand Two Way products are 100% compatible and meet or exceed OEM

Specifications - 7.5v, 1500mah, Ni-CD, Intrinsically Safe

Fits or Replaces the Following

AtBatt 2WM07395, AtBatt 957, Battery Tech WC061E7395, Battery Tech WWN-NTN7395A, Dantona COM7395, Empire EPP-7395, Interstate Batteries ARAD3915,Lexstar LX7395,Motorola NTN7395A,Motorola NTN7395AR,Motorola NTNB96BR,Motorola VISAR, Multiplier M7395


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