Water-resistant (IP54) Speaker Mic for Vertex VX420 VX424 VX427 VX428 VX429

18 MONTH WARRANTY CUSTOMER SUPPORT - SHIPS IN 24 HOURS - ALL PRODUCT FRESH - WORLDWIDE SHIPPING Titan® is a registered trademark with the United States Patent and Trademark Office. Guaranteed to meet or exceed the original equipment manufacturers specifications. Water-resistant (IP54). Small size for easy carry, available for amateur and regular user. Strong patented 360˚ rotatable plastic clip had 8 positions. Attached 3.5mm earphone jack on microphone. High quality speaker and microphone units provide clear audio communicaiton. Specification Microphone size:72*45*17 mm (include clip) Earphone Unit Diameter:36 mm Out Level:85 dB/0.5 Watt. 0.5 Meter, 2M3 Sound Box Test Input Power:0.5 W Max Input Power:1 W Output Impedance:8 ohm;16 ohm for MOTOROLA Microphone Unit Type of Element :Non-directional Electric condenser Sensitivity:-38dB (1V/ 1Pa) Output Impedance:2K ohm WORKS WITH THE FOLLOWING VX110 VX130 VX131 VX132 VX150 VX151 VX152 VX160 VX168 VX170 VX177 VX180 VX210 VX228 VX230 VX231 VX298 VX300 VX350 VX351 VX354 VX400 VX410 VX414 VX417 VX418 VX420 VX424 VX427 VX428 VX429 VX450