Atlas 9.6V 3.0AH, PES9.6, PES9.6T, B9.6, BX9.6 Power Tool Battery


Cell type: Ni-MH

Capacity: 3.0Ah

Titan® Brand Batteries 1 year warranty 100% compatible High Quality Cells, Plastics

Titan® Brand batteries are offered Exclusively by BatteryJack Inc


Compatible with Battery Model No. AEG - B9.6, BX9.6, BXS9.6, MX9.6

Atlas Copco - B9.6, BX9.6, BXS9.6, MX9.6

Milwaukee - 4 932 353 638, 4 932 366 429, B9.6, BX9.6, BXS9.6, MX9.6

Suitable for use with Model No. AEG - 2000-SERIE, Battery Light PL Option, BEST 9.6X, BEST 9.6X Super, BL Multi-volt-lamp, BS2E 9.6T, P9.6

Atlas Copco - PES9.6, PES9.6T

Milwaukee - PCS6T, PES 9.6, PES 9.6T
Original Brand AEG, Atlas Copco, Milwaukee